The feedback we gather from our participants tells us that 95% of them would recommend a Casting for Recovery retreat to other women who've had breast cancer.  

Women who've participated say that their retreat experience will also have an indirect impact on their family and colleagues as they feel better equipped to deal with the future.

 You can see below just a few of the comments we received from women who have attended retreats in the past:

Participant one

"For the first time since I was diagnosed I was free from the continuous responsibility of protecting those I love from the painful emotions and effects of my cancer and treatments. I didn't at any time, while I was at the retreat, have to convince anyone that everything was going to be OK - no one except myself.  It was the first time since my diagnosis that I had time to myself to realise the impact of my illness on me, and also to be greatly inspired by everyone there who has survived and recovered. There IS a life after cancer and that was more than obvious at the retreat.  Thank you so much for not just the opportunity to learn casting but for the support and confidence and inspiration you all gave me."

Participant two

"This retreat was the most amazing experience and it far exceeded my expectations.  I feel I have been touched by something very special and I will always remember my time on retreat.  The kindness and care provided by all the volunteers was amazing and so appreciated. I feel blessed to have been chosen to attend a retreat.  It was a joy to meet all the other ladies and share our experiences." 

Participant three

"I came home feeling exhilarated and more confident, I am so glad I went on the retreat, thank you.  I was overwhelmed by so many people doing so much and giving so much to make sure we all had such a fantastic time, thank you to everyone."

Participant four

"I feel truly privileged to have been offered a place on a retreat.  It far surpassed any expectations I had.  I have come away feeling calm, relaxed, happier in my own body and with a sporting skill that was just magical to learn.    Words cannot describe what you have done to help me through my emotional journey after cancer. Thank you to you all"

Participant five

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for an amazing weekend.  It was lovely to meet your team and the guides - The generosity of everyone with their time is quite incredible.  Kimbridge is a fantastic location for the retreat and Clay was so hospitable.  The ladies I met over the weekend were so lovely and it was so beneficial chatting to them.  I have come away feeling buoyant after the weekend.  It’s an amazing charity the Countryside Alliance support."

Participant six

"Fifteen words to sum up the weekend....A wonderful and unique experience. Amazing fishing, company, and support in a stunning location."

Participant seven

"Thank you and everyone else too for the most wonderful experience. I so enjoyed the fishing - definitely something I’d like to take up but also enjoyed everyone’s company and it was so lovely to feel normal and amongst people who just understand. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me to feel ready to move forward."

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