What is Falconry for Schools?

  • Falconry for Schools is a practical and fun activity for school children, where they can learn key subjects using falcons, owls and other trained birds of prey.
  • It brings the educational curriculum to life whilst also offering an opportunity for children to experience the beauty and grace of a bird of prey up-close.
  • Developed by qualified teacher Judith Wrighte, who has a passion for falconry, we kick start at an early age an appreciation and empathy for birds of prey.
  • Through teaching youngsters how to fly birds, leather craft and training techniques, Falconry for Schools enables children and young people to connect with nature, learn important new skills and be part of the future of falconry.

Who can get involved in Falconry for Schools?

  • We deliver free of charge to both primary and secondary schools
  • Falconry for Schools can be tailored to the age group of the class, ensuring the subject matter is explained using appropriate language and complexity.

How Falconry for Schools works

  • The course is delivered over two days or four half day sessions and mixes classroom work with outdoor activity.
  • We also tailor the programme and delivery of sessions to meet the needs of schools, for example, delivery of half day sessions and for specific topics and subject areas.
  • Youngsters learn the history and traditions of falconry, learn how to fly hawks, falcons and owls, leather craft, knot-tying and training techniques.
  • Falconry for Schools is mapped to Key Stage 2 in science, mathematics and English, and the literacy and numeracy core curriculum and functional skills level 1 in application of number and communication for students 8-11 years old.
  • The course links neatly with the history curriculum; students learn about falconry’s role in British Royal History, WWII, the Middle Ages and myths and legends surrounding birds of prey.
  • Course materials support learning both during and after the course with playing cards, DVDs and a book for the school library.


How can I find out more?

To find out more about the programme or see if we are delivering in your area please contact us today.

Email: info@ca-foundation.org

Call: 020 7840 9212

How can I support Falconry for Schools?

It is only with your support that Falconry for Schools can continue to conserve falconry’s heritage, birds of prey and promote outdoor education and outdoor pursuits to young people. Find out more about ways you can support us.

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