What a great and joyful spring and summer it’s been, new schools on board, more positive feedback from teachers and parents, more new fisheries wanting to get involved in what we do, and of course more great youngsters who have discovered the joys of fishing.

My main school is Orchard School in Canterbury, I’m with them most weeks.  We work a little differently from other regions, in that the pupils get to come fishing if they have had an exceptional week at School, so I’ll see the same pupils many times over the course of a term but not always in consecutive weeks. I’ve not done a head count but I’d imagine I teach more than 20 pupils per term.

June and July were exceptionally busy, the busiest I’ve had coaching, to the point that I didn’t have a day to myself in over a month - but all for a great cause of course.

During this time I worked with Ian Tucker at Sallygate in Dover and Learning Opportunities in Deal.  I feel these schools helping me expand my own coaching expertise as the range of pupils was more varied than I have been used to. We’ve managed to issue all those that attended with a Level 1 Cast Award. 

With Ian’s help I am looking at how to teach the Aims award to the Orchard School pupils, so that’s something for the future.

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