Updated 20th November 2020

Travel restrictions coming into effect this evening (Friday 20 November) may prevent you from entering or leaving certain local authorities. 

Please check current restrictions here.

COVID Protection levels

Government advice


  • A number of country sports and land management organisations in Scotland have published their guidance for employers, employees and practitioners, which can be found here.
  • A return to shooting - The Scottish Countryside Alliance has submitted a three phase action plan on how we can return to shooting when lockdown restrictions are eased in response to the Scottish Government's 'Framework for Decision Making'.


  • In Scotland, the new five tier system came into force on 2nd November whereby hunting can be conducted under certain conditions in Tiers 0-3 with a maximum of 30 participants, however hunting cannot take place in Tier 4. There are, however, restrictions on travel and we recommend that travel to other areas, regardless of levels, should be avoided. The Hunting Office has issued specific advice to packs in Scotland who will have to continue to conduct their activities in a Covid-secure manner.


  • Advice and guidance on how to travel safely can be found here


Businesses, employees and employers

Business rates

To help owners of non-domestic properties, including businesses, deal with the impact of coronavirus, the Scottish Government has made changes to non-domestic rates (business rates) for 2020-21.

The Scottish Government has introduced extra rates reliefs (discounts). It has also introduced a one-off grant for some businesses.

These reliefs will be available to non-domestic properties from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

It will be possible to apply for the grants from 24 March 2020 and they will be available to 31 March 2021.

Potential claimants can find the appropriate information here. 

Alternatively there is the Small Business Bonus Scheme or the Rural Reliefe Scheme

NHS advice/overview

  • Download the Protect Scotland contact tracing app here
  • The latest guidance about COVID-19 from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, including social distancing and stay at home advice is available here.
  • Guidance on returning to registered professional practice to help with patient care in light of developments relating to coronavirus is available here.

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