Help protect the future of hunting

Every donation to the Campaign for Hunting, helps us to continue to expose hunt saboteurs and put pressure on the authorities to address their activities.


During the last year, the Campaign for Hunting has:

Campaigned to save trail-hunting on council-owned land where motions have been proposed which would affect Boxing Day and other festive meets.

Ensured that hunts were supported and advised through legal proceedings following allegations of illegal hunting under the Hunting Act

Continued to support hunts and businesses that have been subject to online abuse through social media channels

Engaged hunts and their supporters to participate in local activities and charity fundraising to promote hunting at a grassroots level.


We rely on individual members like yourself to support our work.

For us to effectively tackle the challenges facing hunting today, we will need additional resources. Please support us by donating below.


All donations will go directly to the Campaign for Hunting and be reserved for this crucial work.

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