The vote to preserve trail hunting on National Trust land is now open


Thank you for signing up to receive updates regarding our campaign to protect the future of trail hunting on National Trust land ahead of the AGM at Harrogate Convention Centre on Saturday, 30th October.

It is vital that National Trust members who want trail hunting to continue on National Trust land vote AGAINST the members' resolution which proposes to ban trail hunting, hound exercise and exempt hunting on the Trust’s land.

National Trust members can vote online or in person at the AGM. We have produced a full guide. If you are voting online, it is really important to make sure that you instruct the Chairman, as your proxy, to vote AGAINST option number 3 which is the members’ resolution to ban trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise. This means that you wish trail-hunting to continue on National Trust land.

We are currently contacting the candidates standing for the National Trust Council regarding their views on rural matters. We will circulate updates regarding any responses received in due course ahead of the voting deadline.

The deadline to vote - or to register to attend the AGM to vote in person - is 11:59pm on 22nd October so we urge you to VOTE NOW in order to ensure that your vote is counted.

With important issues at hand, it is vital that we encourage as many National Trust members to vote in the AGM as possible in order for us to #BeatTheBan. If you have any friends or family members who are eligible to vote or interested in the outcome of the upcoming AGM, please direct them to this sign up page so that they receive our National Trust updates too.



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