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Rural_Crime_Matters-1If we want to tackle rural crime then we all need to work together by ensuring all incidents are reported which will ensure the Police are able to target their resources efficiently. Reporting rural crime can be done in a number of ways:

• Always dial 999 in an emergency
• Suspicious incidents can be reported to the 24-hour Police Enquiry Centre on 101
• You can also report information and intelligence to your local police station or community support officer
• If you do not want to leave your name then call Crimestoppers on the 24-hour hotline 0800 555 111 or contact the charity using the on-line form at

With harvesting underway you may see an increase in unauthorised access to stubble fields by people intent on criminal activity. This may be for poaching, coursing, using the fields to access properties, raves etc. Please keep an eye open and report any suspicious activities to the police via the numbers above.

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