by Countryside Alliance

walesThe Countryside Alliance in Wales has welcomed the Welsh Government’s decision to abandon plans that would have impacted upon upland farmers.

The Government had suggested bringing in a moorland payments region under the new CAP rules. This would have substantially reduced the level of subsidy for a large number of farmers and created a confusing situation where neighbouring farms, with similar land, would have been in different rating brackets. 

Countryside Alliance director for Wales Rachel Evans said “I am very pleased indeed about the decision to abandon the moorland payment region for CAP payments.

“At the Countryside Alliance’s fringe meeting held during the Plaid Cymru party conference in Llangollen, Llyr Gruffydd AM took heated questions and observations from our members on this very topic.

“The potential unfairness was a bitter pill to swallow for them, so it is encouraging that the Minster has taken the situation on board and has dealt with it. We wait to hear her future plans, but for now this will be a huge relief for the people who farm some of the most challenging landscapes in Wales.”

For more information, contact the Countryside Alliance press office on 0207 840 9220 or Rachel Evans on 07825 337978.

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