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The main parties have now launched their manifestos ahead of the General Election on 7th May. We bring you the main points from each one relating to a key part of our own manifesto - wildlife management. Read our own manifesto chapter on wildlife management here. 


  • Implement 25 year strategy to eradicate bovine TB.

  • Protect hunting, shooting and fishing.

  • Give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote with a government bill in government time.

  • Spend £3 billion from Common Agricultural Policy to clean up rivers and lakes, protect stonewalls and hedges and help bees.

  • Ensure that public forests and woodland are kept in trust for the nation.



  • Maintain and strengthen the ban on hunting with dogs to include a ban on all hunting of animals for sport or pleasure.

  • End the badger cull.

  • End the use of snares.

  • End the practice of grouse shooting and other sport shooting.

  • Establish a Commission on Animal Protection to review a broad range of animal welfare matters.


  • End the Government’s ‘cruel and ineffective’ badger cull.

  • Defend the Hunting ban and deal with ‘wildlife crime associated with shooting’.

  • End the subsidy of firearms licences.

  • Undertake an independent review on how to end the persecution of birds of prey, prevent non-target animals getting trapped in snares and ensure humane treatment of game birds.

  • Keep woodland in public ownership.


Lib Dem

  • Introduce effective, science-led ways of controlling bovine TB and only support the existing cull pilots if they are shown to be effective, humane and safe.

  • Implement the findings of the Independent Panel on Forestry, creating a new public body to manage the national forests.



  • Nothing specified in manifesto.







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