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This video captures the shocking moment a 31-year-old mother of two was confronted by masked thugs, posing as animal rights activists, on her own driveway.

Rebekah Uden was driving back to her home on an estate in Trefnant, North Wales after a morning out with her husband and children when she spotted a black Land Rover Discovery blocking her shared driveway, off a country lane.

Rebekah was horrified to discover five burly men, with some disguising their identities with balaclavas, sat inside the vehicle.

Faced with the terrifying sight before her, Rebekah immediately phoned the police to say that there were five men with balaclavas outside her property and that she feared for her children.

She then hung up in the hope they would arrive quickly.

Before long, the men had jumped out of their vehicle. Rebekah then took out her mobile phone to film the horrific exchange.

The Countryside Alliance can reveal that the main man involved in the altercation is convicted thug, Paul Allman.

Allman is a known provocateur and violent extremist who has a previous conviction for assault on a Master of a hunt. He pleaded guilty to all charges against him on 25th March 2019 at Crewe Magistrates Court. Allman was ordered to pay a £200 fine plus £230 costs to his victim.

The conviction, however, has clearly not stopped him from lashing out against others. 

After locking the car with her children safely inside, Rebekah showed no fear when confronting the thugs who immediately took to using aggressive, foul language towards her and her husband.

The men made it clear they were looking for the local hunt and said they had spotted vehicles that they believed had belonged to hunt followers parked on her drive.

When questioned as to why they had entered private property, one of the thugs snapped: "there was (sic) no signs saying it were private".

Then when Rebekah asked them to remove their balaclavas, Allman barked back: "f**k off".

Despite calmly explaining that the police were on their way, Allman brazenly replied: "so what?"

Rebekah, who is neutral on the issue of hunting, had been warned to be vigilant of hunt saboteurs earlier that day by the nearby game keeper, who had informed her that the local hunt would likely be in the area while they were trail-hunting within the law.

Despite living in the area for some time, she had not previously encountered saboteurs.

The rented property on the estate has a shared driveway with two other properties. The estate is owned by a local hunt supporter, who permits the hunt use of his land to pursue their lawful activity.

As a local to the area, Rebekah has known local hunting families since her childhood. Despite this though, she admits she has never personally been out hunting.

Rebekah insists that the men had been warned by three separate members of the public that they were on private property and were not allowed to be there without permission, prior to the exchange.

Thankfully, six police officers quickly arrived on the scene and dealt with the situation. It was at this point the video footage ended.

They asked Rebekah to then reverse back up her driveway and the sabs soon cleared off.

The local police are investigating the matter further.

When asked why she had taken the brave decision to record the encounter, Rebekah explained that it was her only protection and the camera acted as CCTV.

She explains that uploading the video online was to make it clear to the public what many hunt saboteurs are like and that it was a "matter of principle".

Speaking in response to watching the video, Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance said: "I can't begin to imagine how frightening this experience must have been for Rebekah, her husband and of course, her young children. These cowards hide behind balaclavas to frighten and intimidate members of the public. They are bullies and couldn't care less about animals. They do what they do out of hatred for people with alternative lifestyles to them. It's important the general public see these thugs for what they are."

Since posting the video online, Rebekah says she has received further abuse from Allman and his warped followers but admits that the vast majority of the response has been positive. Many have expressed praise for her actions in the face of danger.


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