by Countryside Alliance

In an extraordinary case of not practising what you preach, the University of Reading has found itself in an embarrassing mix up.

On the same page of the Times, the University has contradicted itself within two seperate articles.

In the first article entitled 'Students ban beef in bars and shops to save planet', Professor Rose from the University of Reading, rubbishes the decision to ban beef at the University of East Anglia. He encourages "a frank exchange of views, rather than banning everything all the time".

The Professor is not wrong. The Countryside Alliance is in complete agreement with him on that important point. What's confusing though, it that his quote is in direct contradiction to the article placed below it entitled 'University halts game shoots after animal rights campaign'.

That second article outlines the decision taken only yesterday by the University of Reading to ban game shooting. Pro game groups, including the Countryside Alliance, have accused the university of "turning their back on prevailing science" and not engaging properly in sensible discussion.

The Professor clearly needs to have a word with his colleagues on the university's executive board to let them know his own views about 'banning everything' in the name of appeasing a small group of animal rights extremists.

We will continue to monitor this situation very closely. In our view, by imposing such a ban, the University is turning its back on rural communities.


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