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George Eustice MP, who resigned as a Defra Minister last month, has said there is “no guarantee” that the Bill containing plans for agriculture policy outside the EU will become law, as Brexit uncertainty continues.

Speaking to James Somerville-Meikle from the Countryside Alliance, Mr Eustice said that “there is a genuine threat that we will lose Brexit altogether” and therefore future policies on agriculture and fishing may be “for the birds.”

As part of an interview for the Countryside Alliance magazine (My Countryside) to be published next month, Mr Eustice called for the UK to re-join the European Free Trade Association and maintain close regulatory alignment with the EU to try and gain consensus in Parliament.

Mr Eustice served in Defra from 2013 until he resigned last month to help build a consensus in Parliament on how to leave the EU. He is determined to find a “final settlement” to what he described as a “horrendous dispute that has been raging for three years.”

“The last three years of my life have been dedicated to crafting new Bills on fisheries and agriculture… I feel desperately sad that all of that work is in danger now of being lost altogether”, he said during the interview in Westminster on Tuesday 2 April.

You can listen to the interview with Countryside Alliance Political Relations Manager and George Eustice MP here:

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