by Jamie Stewart

The Scottish Countryside Alliance will be attending the Scottish National Party and Scottish Conservative Party spring conference. This year we are hosting a panel debate based on Lord Bonomy's statement:

“The use of packs of hounds to flush out foxes to be shot remains a significant pest control measure, both to control the general level of foxes in an area as well as to address particular problems affecting a farm or estate".

Asking the question, Is the use of foxhounds legitimate pest control?

We will run the MFHA Short film "The Hunt, A new perspective" 

We will be joined by Robbie Rowantree Gordan Bush Estate and Louisa Cheape Scottish Veterinary Association for Wild life Management.

Each of the panellists will be given five minutes to introduce themselves and provide a narrative supporting the use of foxhounds. Thereafter, we will open it up to questions from the floor.

We will be joined by Emma Harper MSP for the SNP event and Finlay Carson MSP for the Scottish Conservative event.

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