by Mo Metcalf Fisher

Mo Metcalf-Fisher has written for the ‘Free Market Conservatives’ blog about the recent decision by two universities to ban beef and lamb sales on their campuses.

Mo argues that the approach is both simplistic and short-sighted.

He says “ A University is a place of learning with students spending tens of thousands of pounds to hear from lecturers in their chosen academic field. They aren’t paying to have their freedom of choice stamped on by those with alternative lifestyle preferences. If someone wants to purchase lamb or beef at either campus, they should be able to do so without intimidation or hindrance.”

He goes on to ask “Why single out beef and lamb? What about the imports on exotic fruits and vegetables- like quinoa or avocados, for example? How many airmiles are these products clocking up? How many miles are University staff travelling, when jetting all over the world to promote their work? If you’re going to preach to others about how to reduce the carbon footprint by banning meat, you better be able to account for every other area too, otherwise you will find yourself accused of hypocrisy.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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