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The Countryside Alliance has a responded to a landmark ruling which saw a militant animal rights activist convicted of harassment towards a Dorset farmer and his family.

Farmer, John Wood, 47, feared for the safety of himself as well as his family, after militant vegan Emma Christoforakis launched a bullying campaign against him.

It is thought to be the fist restraining order granted against a vegan activist.

Living in fear, John Wood had to check under his tractor for explosives and was warned by counter terror police of the violent history of groups like the ALF.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Wood said “It’s not been an easy 18 months. When you have counter terror police warning you what could happen and what has happened in the past, it’s scary. In 2019, it should not be happening.

“When you’re looking under your tractors in the morning for bombs, nobody should be living like that. I don’t say to anybody, ‘If you don’t eat meat, you’re scum’.”

When asked for comment, the Countryside Alliance said: “The abuse that many farmers and businesses have been subjected to by these individuals is abhorrent and this ruling is long overdue.”

The so-called activist has a history of abusive behaviour which goes back over time.  Emma Christoforakis and her partner Dimitri are known agitators that have a record of abusing those that opt for alternative lifestyles.

The convict’s partner, Dimitri Christoforakis is seen above in this video, brandishing an offensive weapon during a hunt.


 Convicted bully Emma Christoforakis and partner Dimitri

The Countryside Alliance will continue to stand up for farmers and the meat industry and oppose the bullying tactics of animal rights extremists such as these two.

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