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These new rules will introduce the independent Geographical Indications (GI) schemes ensuring that products such as stilton and Melton Mowbray pork pies will continue to be protected as we leave the EU. This is great news for Britain’s food and drink producers as well as consumers who can continue to purchase with confidence.

The Countryside Alliance has long believed that honest labelling is essential for consumers and producers and we call on the Government to go further and introduce mandatory country of origin labelling on all meat products. 

Currently all fresh meat sold in the UK must be labelled showing where the animal was reared and slaughtered but this does not cover products such as sausages, bacon and ready-meals.

Consumers are taking much more notice about where the meat they eat originates and the Countryside Alliance wants labelling that shows where the animal was reared and slaughtered for all meat, including that where meat is an ingredient.

Currently sausages made in Britain from Danish pork can be legitimately labelled as British because the meat has been processed in the UK. We believe food marked as British must come from British farmers and producers. 

Country of origin food labelling must be mandatory for all meat to ensure a level playing field for British farmers after we leave the EU.

Geographical Indications Schemes

The new rules will introduce the independent Geographical Indications (GI) schemes and will make sure that popular and traditional produce from across the country will be granted special status to mark out their authenticity and origin, for example Scotch whisky and Welsh lamb.

This means that shoppers will be able to buy their favourite food and drink with confidence, and producers whose foods are granted GI status will benefit from intellectual property protection so that others cannot imitate them. GIs are highly valued by producers and are exemplars of the wide range of quality British products enjoyed around the world. They represent around a quarter of UK food and drink exports by value, approaching £6bn in export value in 2019.

GIs are only awarded to highlight regional and traditional foods whose authenticity and origin can be guaranteed. The new logos representing the unique and protected nature of these products to consumers have been unveiled today, which can be displayed on all British produce which is given GI status.

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