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As the UK leaves the European Union there are number of things that will change and we wanted to highlight the following issues as being particularly relevant to our membership. We shall keep this page updated as other relevant guidance is released. 

European Firearms Pass

The European Firearms Pass will no longer be available to British citizens, or recognised by British border forces for EU citizens traveling to Britain. The Alliance is lobbying hard to secure a workable equivalent, but in the meantime has produced a Q&A for those who intend to travel to Europe with firearms after 31st December. Read more here. 

Information for Game Shoots: Exporting birds in-feather after Brexit

The rules on exporting shot game in feather are changing and once Britain has left the European Union you can no longer sell birds in-feather direct to buyers from Europe. From 1st January 2021 game birds in-feather cannot be exported to Europe without certification by an Official Veterinarian, and must be exported through an Approved Game Handling Establishment, just like processed game meat. Read the guidance here.

New rules for pet travel

Pet owners must check the latest government advice about travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland or the European Union with their pets at the end of the transition period. From 1st January 2021 onwards, the UK will have Part 2 listed status under the EU Pet Travel Scheme, meaning that people travelling from GB with their pets and assistance dogs need to follow new requirements in order to travel to the EU and Northern Ireland. Read the government guidance here. 

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