Please note - we will keep information in this area as up to date as possible, however, due to the fast-moving nature of the current situation, news and guidelines are constantly changing. We will endeavour to update with further guidance when appropriate.

The efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 have intensified, with the country now in lockdown.  The Government have published a list of very specific guidelines about who and when it is acceptable to leave your home. However, there are currently no specific guidelines regarding fishing at the moment.

While it is tempting to imagine sitting out Covid-19 by isolating on a river bank or pond, we are advising against this.  Fighting a global pandemic requires a concerted effort by the entire nation.  Going fishing means travelling to a destination, which is non-essential travel and forbidden.  There is also a higher risk of coming into contact with others, either when travelling or while fishing, than there would be if you remained at home.  

We will update you further when we have received specific guidance from DEFRA.

At all times, it is vital that everybody complies with government guidelines regarding the Covid-19 outbreak which can be found here.

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