1. All small businesses that receive rural rate relief or small business rate relief should receive a £10k small business grant through their local authority. If you are eligible and do not receive notification in writing you should contact your local authority. More information is available here.
  2. If your small business pays business rates separate ‘business rates holiday’ and ‘cash grants’ of £10k or £25k are available specifically for ‘retail, hospitality or leisure’ businesses. Pubs, hotels and other hospitality businesses are specifically listed but there is also a broad classification ‘for assembly and leisure’ businesses.
  3. Whether you are eligible or not may depend on how your local authority defines your business and whether it treats your business as a defined activity eligible for support. If you do not hear from your local authority in writing we would advise you to contact them to find out how your business is treated.
  4. The Countryside Alliance is currently lobbying the treasury to clarify the position of kennels so that there is consistency between local authorities. Please contact the Countryside Alliance on policy@countryside-alliance.org if you are paying business rates and your local authority suggests you are not eligible for a business rates holiday or cash grant. More information is available here
  5. All businesses, regardless of sector, with a PAYE scheme are also eligible for the job retention scheme which pays 80% of salary up to £2,500 for an initial 3 month period to any worker who has been asked to stop working but remains on the payroll. View the Coronavirus job retention scheme information here.

Find your Local Authority here.

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