by Mo Metcalf Fisher

The impact that COVID-19 is going to have on our lives is beginning to unfold and there are going to be some uncertain months ahead but that is where the strength of our rural communities must pull together and act as one.

 Here at the Countryside Alliance we are going to be on hand to support you, listen to your concerns and act where necessary to ensure our countryside and its communities remain strong, safe and resilient.

With this in mind we have created a hub where we can support those within our rural communities by providing you with the information you need. From clear signposting to the relevant information from Government and other essential services to ideas on how to support your own community, this hub will give you the opportunity to share your ideas and connect with others around you at a time when isolation and loneliness are rife.
Many of you have already taken action and fantastic intiatives such as the Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group Volunteers are supporting communities up and down the country. Watching our rural communities strengthen has been a ray of light but there‘s still more that we can all do to support each other by listening and learning from each other’s experiences.
The Countryside Alliance website will be a hub of information for you to regularly check and will be updated constantly with the latest Government advice, stay-at-home ideas and other forms of light relief to help us get through these uncertain times. We will also be organising a few events from a virtual pub night with the BIG Countryside Quiz to online chats.
But most of all the Countryside Alliance is always here to listen and act where needed. We want our website to be your website and carry the information that you want and need at this time. Please do bear with us as we upload content; with are processing information from official channels as quickly as possible.


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