by Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance has submitted evidence in the Conservative Policy Forum's on-going inquiry: Environment and Animal Welfare. 

In the submission the Alliance makes it clear that if ever we are to have a greener future it must involve those who live and work in the countryside, not least those who manage it. As such, we have suggested that Government invest in areas such as broadband and skills to help rural businesses and the rural economy prosper, and unleash its potential. 

We also make it clear that the Government, and others, should give credit to the tremendous benefits that shooting creates in respect to biodiversity and also to the rural, and wider, economy. Shooting has recently come under increasing attacks from all sides, seemingly ignoring its £2billion contribution to the UK economy and how moorland management encourages wildlife to prosper. We again make the call that any decisions made should be made on evidence and research.

We end our submission with a concern. Certain quarters of the Conservative Party have voiced a demand for rewilding the British countryside. This would be a grave error. Rewilding practices result in the loss of agricultural land or a reduction in its productivity. Reintroducing wolves and lynx would only bring misery for livestock farmers. We must remember that livestock farmers suffer enough from dogs let off their leads, reintroducing a predator with intention to hunt and kill livestock would be disastrous. 

You can read the call to evidence and how to submit your own guidance (if applicable) here

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