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The Birdcrime Report is published annually by the RSPB as a summary of related offences against birds of prey that have been collated by its investigations team. The significant increase in the number of confirmed incidents of bird of prey persecution recorded in 2020 is extremely disappointing, but they do not justify the RSPB in singling out driven grouse shooting, and it’s call on governments to implement a system of licensing shooting, when less than two thirds of all incidents occurred in counties where driven grouse shooting takes place.

In calling for a ban of driven grouse shooting, The RSPB is demonstrating either willful blindness, or a remarkable degree of ignorance, paying no attention to the impact such a fundamental change in land use would have both on biodiversity in our uplands, and the livelihoods of many.  In wishing to see all burning on peatlands stopped, it is also completely overlooking the extensive work that has been, and continues to be, carried out by grouse moor managers in rewetting and re-vegetating moors, and the need to prevent the risk of devastating wildfires. It is ignoring available science and evidence in doing so. 

Read our summary and analysis on the report here.

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