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On Wednesday 24th November the Scottish Government publicised its support for the expansion of the beaver population in Scotland. Working with landowners, an initiative to trap and translocate beavers to suitable areas will be supported as part of the commitment made by the SNP to the Green Party. 

It is suggested that this process will reduce or avoid any negative impacts that the presence of beavers may have in a particular area. Biodiversity Minister, Lorna Slater stated: “Beavers were driven to extinction in Scotland but have now become an established part of our environment in some areas following their reintroduction, and today’s announcement will help them to continue to expand across the country. Restoring this lost species is important in its own right, but beavers will also contribute to restoring Scotland’s natural environment as they create wetland habitats that support a range of species, and their dams can also help filter sediment from watercourses and mitigate flooding.

“The Scottish Government recognises that through their modification of the environment, in some places beavers can produce negative impacts on some species, on agricultural land, forestry and on infrastructure.  Since they were made a protected species in 2019, we have gained sufficient experience in managing beavers in Scotland to allow us to confidently support proactive steps to expand their population. We will continue to provide support and advice to land managers to mitigate any negative impacts, and the additional option of trapping and translocation will further enhance this package of support.”

You can read more about the announcement here

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