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We are now seeking candidates to stand for election to our Board to fill two new vacancies and one caused by the requirement for re-election of existing board members after a first  three-year term.

In accordance with our Rules, candidates can be nominated to stand for one of the specific vacancies set out below. Our Nominations and Remuneration Committee, assisted as required by a skilled independent person, will assess the nominations and then put forward to the Board those who fulfil the criteria set out. The Board will   then determine which candidates for each vacancy  will be put to the members for election at the AGM which we are planning for February 2022.

Finance and governance/risk management and security category

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Senior executive and/or Board level experience in a substantial commercial organisation;
  • An understanding of financial strategy gained at senior executive Board level;
  • Experience and knowledge of business (and for at least one country sport), risk management and security issues; and
  • Experience at Board level of governance, good practice and development of related policy.

An existing board member, Karen Silcock, will be standing for re-election in the above category and her standing for re-election is supported by the Board.

Rural business and land management 

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Practical experience of farming and/or land management at a senior level;
  • Experience of diverse land management issues including for sporting and conservation purposes;
  • Experience of working in, and with, rural  businesses at a senior level; and
  • Knowledge and experience of Scotland, Wales or  Northern Ireland as well as of England.

Legal skills

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Qualification as a solicitor or barrister
  • Experience at senior level in corporate law with additional experience in insurance and/or land law also useful (e.g. partner in private practice, senior in-house legal counsel for a company, barrister of several years standing with an established practice)
  • Experience and knowledge of at least one country sport

 Our vacancies for the 2021/22 Board member elections are for people with skills and experience in the areas set out above who also have a deep  commitment to our aims and knowledge of at least  one of our core rural activities and other countryside matters.


Eligibility to stand

To be eligible to stand for election you must be:

  • A person aged 18 years or older;
  • A paid up member of the Countryside Alliance eligible to vote at the AGM;
  • Nominated for one of the above specific vacancies by a proposer, a seconder and 10 further persons all of whom must be fully paid up members of the Countryside Alliance and qualified to vote at the forthcoming AGM;
  • Judged by the Board of the Countryside Alliance to fulfil the criteria set out for the vacancy for which you are nominated; and
  • Prepared to abide by the Board Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be provided on request to candidates.

In addition, you will need to provide your written consent to being nominated.
Rule 4 of the Rules of the Countryside Alliance sets out the procedures relating to the nomination and election of Board member candidates. Please email if you would like a copy of this document.

Key dates


  • Open: 12th July 2021
  • Close: 18th August 2021

Notes for Proposers

Proposers – please ensure that signed letters of support from you, the seconder and 10 supporting members are received by you showing the full name, address and membership number of each person and that these are dispatched to Ben Dowdeswell, Countryside Alliance, Europa, The Boulevard, Ashford, TN24 0GA, or emailed to to be received by 18th August. The letters may be sent directly by the Proposer, or provided to the Nominee to be sent with their consent and personal statement of relevant skills and experience.

Notes for Nominees

Nominees – please liaise with your Proposer to ensure delivery of the documents referred to previously. The Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Board (assisted by a skilled independent person), and subsequently the Board as a whole, will assess Nominee details to ascertain whether the Nominee has the skills and experience required to fulfil the criteria set out for  the vacancy for which the person has been nominated. To enable consideration of Nominee details, please provide by close of nominations your written consent to serving as a Board director if elected, your CV setting out your skills and experience (including your involvement in and knowledge of country sports and countryside matters more broadly) and the application form (obtainable from

Nominees may be asked to attend an interview. Please ensure the above papers are dispatched to Ben Dowdeswell, by post or email as above, to be received by 18th August.

If the Board determines that at this time the Nominee does not possess the requisite skills and experience, the Nominee will not be put to the members for election and will be informed of the Board’s decision. The Nominee may appeal the decision, which the Board will determine at their absolute discretion. If not considered qualified to be put forward for election at the time nominations are considered, the Nominee is free to seek nomination for future vacancies.

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