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Help shape the future of Fishing for Schools by joining the reinvigorated Patron Programme.

Over the past 12 months, set against unprecedented global changes, we at Fishing for Schools have grown in both our reach and development. 

Now is the time to extend our unique brand of angling education into not just young people’s lives, but also members of the Countryside Alliance and the angling community, to help us shape the future of both the organisation and young people. 

It is a tantalising prospect – and a vital one – to be part of nurturing these young people’s fishing and educational lives.

This is how you can help

Fishing for Schools founder Charles Jardine writes: "People are the engine room of any organisation and a charitable foundation is absolutely no different. We at The Countryside Alliance Foundation are all about people. Without you, the supporter, we simply do not function. In order to bring Fishing for Schools to life, funding marches hand in hand with delivery. During the creation of The Countryside Alliance Foundation, it was decided to offer a Patron Programme – many, if not all, charitable organisations have the same thing. This, in one form or another, has continued up to this point, but perhaps has lacked the sort of attention it richly deserved. That has now changed. Decisively. 

Realising the challenges and, indeed, opportunities that have erupted after the various lockdowns, we have put our heads together and come up with an idea that is simplicity itself: reinvigorate the Patron Programme. And that is precisely what we have done, by offering a series of patron levels that will enable people – you – to become a constant and integral part of what we do. Become part of our team, if you like. Our family. We have various levels and whilst in our wildest dreams and fervent imagination we would love people to pile into the top two levels, that is simply unrealistic. However, we hope the bronze level will be achievable – and huge fun to be a part of. 

This introductory tier is vital. Having supporters get involved with what we are doing will be the driving force for the next three years or more. Growth, enthusiasm for the initiatives, better understanding of the groups we help and, of course, a good deal of fun, too, will undoubtedly start to unfold. The whole thing is very exciting indeed. 

On a very personal level I am relishing the opportunity to meet and share with you all what we do and the people that we ultimately help. That first-hand association is as important to me, as I suspect that it would be to you. Be that fishing on a riverbank together, sipping a glass of wine, or at the hub of what we do -- a thronging mass of kids enjoying a day’s fishing. 

Through all of this and all the other elements which make up being a Patron, the central core is you. YOU are vital to our growth and nutrition. 

As to the future. Well, we plan to be an organisation which dares to challenge the established settings and is always prepared to punch way above our weight. 

I think that is not a bad thing to be part of. And we get to go fishing, too. 

All bests,
Charles Jardine


Patron benefits

At each level of support there are different ways to engage with Fishing for Schools and to strengthen your involvement while having fun in the process. 

Bronze: £1,200 a year. Bronze Patrons will receive the following benefits:

  • An invitation to the director’s annual lunch. Hear our future plans first-hand while giving your feedback on our work.
  • Exclusive invitations to Fishing for Schools talks – learn more about our work, or specific themes relating to Fishing for Schools and fishing.
  • Regular newsletters, podcasts and reports.
  • Acknowledgment of your support as Patron on our website and Impact Report (please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous).
  • Discounts at fisheries, tackle shops and country wear stores.

Silver: £5,000 a year. Silver Patrons will receive the same benefits as Bronze plus:

  • A private lunch with the Fishing for Schools director.
  • Invitation to a meet the coaches/school session.
  • Attend a river walk with the best river keepers in the south east.

Gold: £10,000 a year. Gold Patrons will receive the same benefits as Silver plus:

  • An exclusive day’s fishing with the Fishing for Schools director/F4S Ambassador.

To discover more about the Patron Programme and how you can get involved visit the Fishing for Schools website, call 020 7840 9212 or email

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