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A vote on the future of trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on land owned by the National Trust has been announced.

ACTION: Are you a member of the National Trust?  Use your vote to help protect the future of trail hunting on National Trust land by voting AGAINST the motion which proposes to ban this lawful activity. You can VOTE here.

The National Trust has released details about the voting procedure ahead of this year’s AGM which is being held at 10am on Saturday, 30 October, at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

This is the second time such a vote has been held. In 2017 animal rights activists submitted a similar motion, which, after a national campaign by the Countryside Alliance, fell when put to a vote of the membership.  

Following the publication of the National Trust AGM Booklet, the Alliance is recommending that National Trust members vote AGAINST the members’ resolution which proposes changes to the current trail hunting licensing system. 

Polly Portwin, Director of Hunting at the Countryside Alliance said: “The Countryside Alliance will be running a dedicated campaign over the forthcoming weeks and asking for further help to protect the future of trail hunting on National Trust land. Ultimately, to beat this latest attempt,  we will need all of our supporters - those that are eligible to vote - to do their part and vote against this motion. As with all our campaigns, the power of the grassroots to mobilise other eligible family members and friends to vote against this motion is crucial.”

“We are asking all of our members who are also National Trust members to let us know by signing up for our dedicated AGM newsletters. We aim to keep our members and supporters as up-to-date as possible on the key rural issues that we are campaigning for, including those relating to the National Trust.”

ACTION: Are you a member of the National Trust? Let us know by clicking here!

You can read our full guide about how to vote online by clicking HERE.


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