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As a supporter of the Countryside Alliance, you get a number of benefits with your membership, not least of which is our Country Pursuits Insurance Package. This gives you the confidence to participate in a whole host of recognised activities, safe in the knowledge that you have cover for Public/Products liability, Personal accident (including permanent disability) and accidental death benefit, and even Employers’ Liability.

But what does all that mean in practical terms? Here’s a quick breakdown of the comprehensive cover that’s been arranged the insurance experts at Howden:

Public/Products Liability

Public Liability cover is essential for anyone taking part in country pursuits: It helps to cover the costs you might incur should anyone attempt to take you to court for injury to a person or property. There have been a number of high-profile cases recently where damage has been caused to property, and even injuries to people incurred during recognised and regulated shoots.

This cover even includes cover for legal action as a result of damage caused when hounds escape, indemnity for landowners and even libel and slander cases.

Employers Liability

You might wonder why you have this cover, if you’re not an “employer”… but did you know that anyone helping you to organise or run a recognised Countryside Alliance activity – even voluntarily – is classed as an “Employee” under UK law? This cover helps you with any financial implications around your legal liability for bodily injury to anyone helping out at events, meetings or fairs.

It dovetails with the Public Liability cover to ensure that, when organising approved activities with appropriate care, you are protected from any legal actions brought about by volunteers and helpers.

Personal Accident

We’ve all been there! Minor bruises, cuts and scrapes can all be part of the excitement and adventure of outdoor activities. However, when more serious incidents occur, it’s good to know that there are some additional benefits to help cover the expenses of life-changing injury – or even worse.

The Personal Accident cover provided for in your membership means that, should the worst genuinely happen whilst you’re participating in recognised activities, there will be some financial recompense for our supporters, the like of which you wouldn’t get in an everyday household policy.

The cover you get as standard with your membership is amongst the best in the sector, and the Countryside Alliance work closely with our partners to make sure we can provide excellent benefits to our supporters.

This article is intended as a rough guide only – for expert insurance advice, we recommend you contact our insurance partner Howden. They have experts who specialise in everything from Equine insurance to Event Cancellation, as well as dedicated rural and business teams.

To find out more about how Howden can help you manage your risks, please visit the Howden Group website

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