Those opposed to shooting and its management practices have a well organised social media taskforce that like, comment, and share posts, and in doing so spread their anti-shooting agenda far and wide. 

This gives the illusion that more people support their ideas than ours, which is not the case. 

Recently, Wild Moors and it's animal rights extremist Director, Luke Steele, lobbied Yorkshire Water calling for them not to renew the shooting lease on Thornton Moor. Part of their 'evidence' was the reach they had on social media. In reality, it is a very small vocal minority, but on social media they currently make more noise than we do.

We therefore need to be far more effective in spreading the word, so that the facts are more widely known, and we are not constantly on the back foot. We must be smarter than our opponents.

The Campaign for Shooting has therefore launched a shooting WhatsApp Group. By joining it, you will get to hear the latest news as it goes live on our social media account, giving you the opportunity to like, comment, and share our posts to your followers.

This will help us enormously in engaging with a much larger audience, and protecting the sport we love.

To join, simply:

•    Add 07584 568 387 to your contacts, and save it as 'CA Campaign for Shooting'.
•    Send the number a message on WhatsApp with your name.

We will then add you to the shooting group.

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