The Clarissa Dickson Wright Award was instituted in 2013 with Clarissa’s full knowledge and support. Her beliefs in campaigning, educating and prioritising slow food, taste, quality and support for our farmers and producers.

Clarissa’s criteria

Husbandry: Focus on strong animal husbandry and butchery, support for slow and artisan food and a platform for the efforts being made to foster our farming heritage through measures such as protecting rare breeds.

Education: Farmers and producers need to help the public connect with their food. We should honour them when they get it right.

Campaigning: For businesses or individuals keen to educate, inform and ignite a passion for food, and not to sit and take bureaucracy and misinformation. This is the powerful heart of this award.


Elms Farm

Costock, Leicestershire

Since Chris and Jenny returned to Elms Farm they have gone back to natural husbandry coupled with enhanced wildlife management. Conservation management is at the heart of this farm alongside their conviction to slowly rear their traditional and native breeds of cattle and sheep, which in turn leads to tender and flavoursome meat. The farm and butchery has now been granted the LEAF marque status on top of the red tractor.


Suffolk Market Events


Sudbury, Suffolk

Justine Paul has been described as a local dynamo who was so passionate about local produce that she stepped in to save her local farmers market. Now running six flourishing farmers markets in Suffolk, Justine has ensured that access to local food has never been easier. These markets act as community hubs and springboards for local producers to develop their businesses, creating a food community that is nourishing, and sustaining and that customers feel a part of.


JC Farming Ltd

Kings View Farm, Windsor Lane, Little Kingshill, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0DL

Judge’s comments: James and Chenice are driven by their desire to educate the next generation to where their food comes from. Their vision is to get children more involved in outdoor/farm life, given the shift over the years to inactivity and computer-based activities.  Through open farm days and VIP lambing to visiting schools this couple are an inspiration to farming. 


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