Please give us a moment of your time to help ensure the rights of hunts to meet in towns and villages for generations to come. Click here to support hunting in 2021 and beyond.

We are asking for your help to protect the future of hunting on council owned and managed land. Even if you completed our e-lobby for previous campaigns surrounding this important matter, we urge you to use this page NOW to send an automated letter to your local councillor, expressing your support for the continuation of hounds meeting in the heart of communities.

With an extraordinary lack of objectivity given the huge pressure that local councils, along with everyone else, are under during the Covid crisis, animal rights activists are yet again lobbying local councils to withdraw access for hunts to operate on their land as part of a nationwide campaign.

Their campaign uses spurious allegations of law-breaking and cynical suggestions of health and safety issues in an attempt to deny people the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Meets held in the middle of towns and villages are often located on council-owned or managed land, and we need to support those councils that allow us to do so whilst ensuring that every councillor is aware of this ongoing threat to our way of life and the freedom of individuals to enjoy a lawful activity.

This letter is for everyone who wants to see meets continuing in these public areas. Many of these meets are regularly supported by hundreds and even thousands of people from the local community as well as those associated with their local packs of hounds, and we need everyone to add their voice to the campaign.

By completing our e-lobby, even if your local hunt doesn’t meet on or access council-owned land, you will be showing your support for those councillors who have been threatened for supporting legal hunting and the local councils that are being pressured into considering the future of hunting.

This year, due to the impact of coronavirus, hunts have taken the responsible decision to move Boxing Day and other festive meets away from public areas to ensure there aren’t any unlawful large gatherings and to prevent any breach of the legislation. Hunts are, however, very much looking forward to enabling large crowds to greet their hounds on village greens and in town centres again in 2021 and we hope to have your support to ensure that can happen.

Please note: to the best of our knowledge the list of local councillors is up-to-date but if there are any changes please advise us by emailing 

Click here to send the letter

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