by Countryside Alliance

The British countryside has been created by man over many centuries.

The aim of wildlife management should be to maintain healthy and balanced populations of wild animals at levels that can be sustained by their local environment, and which are acceptable to farmers, landowners and the overall balance of all other wildlife. A lack of management threatens vulnerable populations, biodiversity, habitat conservation and the
production of food.

Wildlife management is best achieved by a combination of methods undertaken by farmers, gamekeepers, landowners, naturalists and huntsmen, with their divergent interests, using the appropriate methods of control for their particular circumstances.

The Countryside Alliance believes that there needs to be a consistent, evidence based and principled approach to wildlife management and habitat protection across all species.

Countryside Alliance calls for:

  • Proper engagement by government and its agencies with those engaged in the management of the countryside.

  • Repeal of the Hunting Act.

  • The UK Government to oppose any re-opening of the EU Firearms Directive and any further restrictions on firearms or the use of lead shot.


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