The Warwickshire Hunt hosted a Halloween children's meet on 28th October near Farnborough on the first day of the October half term holidays.

The meet was attended by more than 60 children ranging from 2 to 12 years old who were riding ponies of all shapes and sizes. Many of the children were on a lead rein accompanied by their parents on the cold, crisp day which was filled throughout the day with laughter and enthusiasm.

One of the children enthused afterwards: "Thank you for taking me - I loved it and it was really exciting to see all the horses and dogs. It was the best day ever and I would love to do it again soon."

Joint-master Barbara Hester said: "Following hounds gives children so much - not only do they learn about the countryside, but they learn to think for themselves, take responsibility, and above all have a lot of fun on their ponies. There is nothing else quite like it for giving children confidence."

The meet was kindly hosted by a local farming family who were unfortunately targeted with calls from withheld numbers throughout the day following their address details being published online by a local anti-hunting group. The phone calls included verbal abuse and threats to call child services.

The same local anti-hunting group also posted the following: "We encourage anyone who knows of parents taking their children to a fox hunt to report them to social services."

"I regularly take young children hunting. They only hunt because they are keen to be out and as soon as they have had enough or have got cold, we turn for home", said one lady who attended the meet but who didn't want to be named. 

"Hunting gives them such confidence, not only with their riding but in their general development and these allegations of child abuse are outrageous and couldn't be further from the truth."

A complaint to Facebook is being compiled.


Sickening abuse from West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs


Despite their disgusting fake accusations, they failed to prevent the successful day from taking place

Polly Portwin, Head of Hunting at the Countryside Alliance said: "Hunting continues to thrive from generation to generation. Despite some of the most vile abuse by a small group of animal rights extremists, the Warwickshire Hunt made a big success of the day.

"Recent reports in the press about aggressive animals rights extremists targeting law abiding people, have put the spotlight on saboteur groups. The public are seeing that these violent groups exist only out of hatred for people and they clearly have no love for animals."

This weekend, a 31-year old mother of two was verbally abused by masked thugs posing as animal rights activists outside her home in North Wales. Paul Allman, who has a conviction for assault, is seen on camera using shocking foul language and allegedly trespassing on private property. The story has since gone viral, clocking up thousands of shares and comments from concerned members of the public.

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