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Hunt saboteurs have launched a staggering attack on ‘physically unfit’ golf enthusiasts as part of a new campaign of targeted harassment.

The North Dorset Hunt Sab group have taken to Facebook to publish details of their latest abusive tirade, which they claim was carried out on the evening of the 14th June. It involved entering one local golf course to shout at staff and contractors carrying out work.

Members of the sab group, who claim they were out ‘exercising’ at the time of the incident, confronted two men who they claim were contracted to carry out routine pest control work. They allege that after a 30 minute ‘standoff’, the two contractors left.

Hoping to earn money off the back of the incident the group, which is a private registered company based out of Bournemouth, issued a call to finance their activity by linking the post to a paypal account- a tactic often deployed by cash-strapped saboteur groups.


In replies shared on Facebook by the group’s followers, one user called ‘Bill Monks’ claims the golf course in question responded to him by saying: “ we were thinking of shooting because rabbits had mixie” but after assessing the situation, had “decided not to”.

Mixie, known officially as Myxomatosis, is a highly infectious and usually fatal viral disease of rabbits, causing swelling of the mucous membranes and inflammation and discharge around the eyes.

In a disturbing comment left by another user, ‘Ari Rodarellis’ posted a sinister photograph of a woman pointing a gun at a camera with the words ‘zero tolerance for animal abusers’.


In a bizarre rant on Facebook, a seperate saboteur group called ‘WildAct’ joined in congratulating the North Dorset group, claiming: “Golf is a feudal and puerile activity for overprivileged, usually significantly physically unfit individuals to lie to themselves they do 'sport' and it would be only reasonable in this time and era for all golf clubs to be turned into parks and rewilded sanctuaries. A lot of them are using public land anyway.”

They then go on to encourage warped followers to take part in a organised campaign of harassment, by ‘shaming’ clubs conducting culls and to ‘show up’ to stop any culling activity.


Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance said: “ This is yet further evidence that animal rights extremists  are driven by a warped hatred of human beings and are obssesed by class war, rather than love for any animals.”

At the start of lockdown, a separate sab group from Cheshire were issued with a humiliating put down by local police, who claimed sabs would “struggle to justify” carrying out their activity if discovered.

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