by Countryside Alliance

The British Game Alliance has been successful in changing its trading name to British Game Assurance, to more accurately reflect the role it plays in the shooting community.

Established in 2018, the BGA has already successful expanded the market for game. Crucial to its success was the implementation of an assurance scheme that covers game meat, from egg to plate, ensuring the highest levels of welfare, and the handling of meat after harvest. As an assurance scheme it has won considerable support, both from within the industry and beyond.

The chief executive of the BGA, Liam Stokes, commented: “Assurance is at the heart of everything the BGA achieves, so the time is right to put Assurance at the heart of our name. Assurance is the reason supermarkets and outlets of all sizes want to sell more game, and widespread adoption of Assurance is how shooting will prove it can be trusted to self-regulate.”

To find out more about the BGA, click here.

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