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The Countryside Alliance challenged Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on their decision to ban trail hunting on land they manage during the board meeting in November 2021. Part of that challenge requested that NRW fully consult with our members, as well as requesting a timescale when this decision could be reviewed. 

We have subsequently received a letter from Sir David Henshaw, Chair of the Board of NRW following his discussion with Claire Pillman, NRW’s Chief Executive, and whilst they acknowledge the importance of the contribution trail hunting makes to the rural economy in Wales and have expressed the will to continue working with the Alliance on such matters, there seems to be very little appetite right now to broaden the discussion around permitting lawful trail hunting. 

However, in the papers submitted to the board by NRW’s Executive team prior to the November meeting, there is a clear indication that they could consider negotiating permissions in the future when they stated in the papers that “this does not prevent organisations coming forward in future requesting consideration of different agreements.” 

We will naturally be very willing to continue working with Natural Resources Wales to promote the rural economy, but this decision has once again deepened the divide between the custodians of the countryside that form our membership and NRW, following on from their decision to ban lawful game shooting on land they manage. One can only anticipate that Angling will be affected next. 

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