The Countryside Alliance supports a fair and consistent firearms licensing system. We work alongside the Home Office and police forces in England and Wales, and the devolved organisations in Scotland and Northern Ireland – Police Scotland and Police Service of Northern Ireland, respectively, to ensure success.

The past decade has seen the shooting community receive a sub-par licensing service, with delays and backlogs rife across the country. With 43 separate police forces across England and Wales the licensing process has been described as a ‘postcode lottery’. Where forces are providing a sub-standard service, we will be the first organisation to hold them to account and help them turn their performance round. We will not stand for certain parts of the country being disadvantaged unnecessarily.

The Campaign for Shooting works alongside several organisations, police forces, civil servants and politicians to ensure that the shooting community are treated fairly, and the system works. We have a highly-experienced team dedicated to our members who require assistance through the firearms licensing process. In addition, our membership allows for a half an hour free phone call with our legal representatives if required.

If you would like any advice or are interested in becoming a member call the Campaign for Shooting team on 0207 840 9340, or email us on: [email protected]

The most up to date guidance on firearms licensing can be found here.

If you would like to apply for a shotgun or firearm licence please click here.

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Firearms Act 1968

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