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Recommended: for firearms medical certificates is the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Shooting recommended provider of firearms medical certificates and reports. LogoShootCert is an online platform that offers a firearms medical report / certificate service for gun owners whose GP practice cannot help or charges an excessive fee. Firearms medical reports are a Police requirement in the UK. Unfortunately, many GP practices cannot or will not engage in this process.  

In the situation where an applicant is let down by their GP practice, ShootCert step in, providing an alternative and reasonably priced solution to ensure that the applicant can provide the police with the appropriate medical report / certificate, which are now mandatory for all firearms licence or shotgun certificate applicants. 

ShootCert’s commitment to safety, professionalism and efficiency in obtaining medical records from the applicant’s GP and producing factual reports by our panel of independent General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctors has made them the UK’s top-rated and trusted alternative provider for those renewing or applying for a shotgun / firearms licence. 

Founded in 2020, ShootCert’s mission is to provide firearms medical report and certificate services safely, simply and securely. With a staff of 15, ShootCert process over 2,500 applications per annum, and return Firearms Medical Certificates to the applicant within 5 to 10 working days of access their medical notes. ShootCert don’t cut corners or compromise. 

The founder, Dr Chris Garrett, is both a highly experienced medical practitioner and passionate about country pursuits, enjoying both working his dogs and shooting. Dr Chris Garrett is now a mentor and advisor to ShootCert’s growing panel of GMC-registered doctors. 

Visit the ShootCert website for more information about their services and the application process. 

The Countryside Alliance supports a fair and consistent firearms licensing system. We work alongside the Home Office and police forces in England and Wales, and the devolved organisations in Scotland and Northern Ireland – Police Scotland and Police Service of Northern Ireland, respectively, to achieve the best licensing system for shooters. 

For further advice on firearms licence and shotgun certificate applications, see our firearms licensing portal here

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