by Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance welcomes all proposals that will produce a measurable improvement in animal welfare and urges the Government to prioritise policies that can make the greatest difference for the greatest number of animals.

“Minimising live animal transport and ensuring that animals go to the nearest available abattoir are sensible proposals, but cannot have full impact when a third of the UK’s small abattoirs have closed in the last decade. The Government has an opportunity to stimulate the recreation of a local abattoir network when Britain leaves the European Union and only by replacing lost local abattoirs can it ensure that its policy on live transport will have full effect.

“The Countryside Alliance promotes sustainable hunting within the British Isles. The principles of ‘wise’ use recognised in EU directives and international agreements should continue to guide Government policy in its approach to huntable species”

“We welcome the Government’s proposals and would encourage it to continue to seek improvements in animal welfare by focusing on those measures that will have a positive impact on the greatest number of animals”. 


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