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What do you do if your GP refuses to produce a medical letter during your firearm or shotgun certificate application or renewal? This is one of the most common questions the shooting team at the Alliance receives.

We have now partnered with MedCert, which has solved this issued.

MedCert are a group of GPs who are willing to review medical records and provide an impartial letter. This is acceptable to all police forces. It is especially prescient at this time as NHS GPs are under considerable pressure dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

If your normal GP refuses to help you, charges an exorbitant fee, or is too busy because of the current situation, go to and enter your details. MedCert will then request a copy of your medical records from your GP and proceed with their checks. 

MedCert charge £50 for the service and are offering a 10% discount to Countryside Alliance members. Please contact with your name and membership number and we will send you the discount code. 

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