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The Code of Good Shooting Practice

In Britain we are rightly proud of our shooting sports. Game management and conservation help shape and enhance our landscape, and wildlife thrives where land is managed for shooting.

Over a million people are involved in shooting; many more enjoy the end product as consumers of pheasants, partridges and other game. Moreover, shooting makes a substantial contribution to the rural economy – often at times and in places where other income is scarce.

Shooting is worth £2 billion to the UK annually. But shooting has its opponents; the good name of shooting – and the ability of our organisations to defend it – depends on everyone involved following this Code. Whatever your role within shooting, you should always be ‘Code-aware’ and raise awareness of this Code in others.

Use this Code as your yardstick when deciding if you should accept an invitation or what shooting to buy. Check if shoots you are involved with, whether as a Gun, a beater or a picker-up, are Code compliant. If not, go elsewhere.


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