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Act now to help secure the future of gun ownership

The government has launched a consultation to seek views on the recommendations it has received for changes to the legislation on firearms licensing, possible changes to the system of referees, and changes in other areas of firearms licensing.

The government has yet to make any decision on the recommendations on which it is seeking views, and it will carefully consider all views received on the various recommendations. You can respond to the consultation using our easy online platform, here.

Public safety is its priority, but at the same time the government believes “the measures to manage the risk to public safety must be proportionate, and balanced with the fact that the vast majority of licensed firearms holders are law abiding and cause no concern”.

In our suggested responses to the recommendations, we have supported those that we believe are reasonable and proportionate, especially if we are to try and prevent much more restrictive legislation under what could be a future Labour UK government. Whilst there are a number of recommendations with which we do not agree on the grounds they are either unnecessary or punitive, we fully support: an increase of the renewal period for certificates to 10 years; the mandatory engagement of GPs in the firearms licensing process; and making mental health advice and support for licensed firearms holders more readily available. We are also largely supportive of all those recommendations relating to referees, and have made a number of additional recommendations that have not been included in the consultation.

Respond to the consultation using our e-lobby now.

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