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Stand with us in the fight against United Utilities' irrational decision to ban shooting

UPDATE 06/09/2023

The e-lobby to United Utilities has now closed. 7,000 of you stood up to misinformation and bias. To find out the next steps in this campaign please sign up to our shooting newsletter. 


The recent announcement that United Utilities will not be renewing shooting leases on its land, citing water quality concerns, lacks any substantiated evidence. It appears to be a diversion tactic to distract attention from their own environmental shortcomings as England's worst polluting water company.

United Utilities’ landholdings are enormous, encompassing the Forest of Bowland, the Goyt Valley, Longdendale Valley, and the West Pennines.

Under pressure, United Utilities is attempting to sacrifice shooting to cover its own environmental shortcomings. Banning shooting on their land will wreak havoc on biodiversity, conservation efforts, and rural livelihoods.

Join us in standing up for the countryside, our environment and the thousands of people who depend on shooting, by telling United Utilities to reverse their ill-thought-through decision immediately.