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Campaign for Hunting

The Countryside Alliance continues to campaign for the future of hunting with hounds

The inception of the Hunting Act 2004 on 18th February 2005 saw traditional foxhunting and other forms of hunting with hounds become restricted. The Countryside Alliance supports all forms of legal hunting however we will continue to oppose what we believe is ultimately a bad piece of legislation.

The objectives of the Campaign for Hunting are:
  • To support all forms of legal hunting with foxhounds, beagles and all other types of hounds for the benefits it brings to individuals, the environment and the rural economy.
  • To work alongside former foxhunts and other packs of hounds to ensure they continue to offer a legal wildlife management service and retain the support necessary to sustain the infrastructure of hunting and the jobs that go with it.
  • To continue to oppose the Hunting Act 2004 and to expose it for what it is: bad for the rural economy, bad for rural communities, bad for animal welfare and a waste of police resources.
  • To help promote hunting to a wider audience by supporting hunts to engage with the public both face-to-face and through the use of print and social media plus other digital channels.
  • To liaise with the general public, hunts, politicians and the media to create a better understanding of how foxhunting and other forms of hunting with hounds fit into modern society.
  • To dispel any misconceptions about foxhunting and combat mistruths spread about legal hunting activities.
Legal hunting activities under the Hunting Act might include:

Trail-hunting; Hound exercise; Using no more than two dogs to flush to a gun(s); Rabbit hunting; Hunting hares which have been shot; Flushing to birds of prey; Rescue of a wild mammal; Research and observation of the various quarry species.

Please find on the right hand side (desktop only) some links to additional literature which may be of interest, including our Newcomers Guide To Hunting booklet and our Trail-hunting Q&A.

If you have any questions relating to our Campaign for Hunting, please email [email protected] or like the Countryside Alliance Hunting page on Facebook. 

Register for updates about The Campaign for Hunting including the National Trust here:


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