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Campaign for Hunting Digital Resources

Find a whole host of digital resources on subjects including trail hunting in the UK, hound showing and  dog control powers. 

Hunting Act 2004

Download a copy of the Hunting Act 2004 here.

The Case for Hunting booklet

This document sets out briefly why the management of wild mammals in the British countryside is essential. Download

Hounds and Hound Showing

This article provides all the information you need about hounds and hound showing. Download

A newcomer's guide to hunting

This booklet is the perfect guide for someone who wants to get into hunting. Download

Hunting Handbook (2005 – 2006)

The complete Hunting Handbook. Download

The rules for equine identification

Information for all those who own horses, or other equines, need to be aware of the Equine Identification (England) Regulations 2018. Download

Dog control powers

Under the Anti-social, Crime and Policing Act 2014, a number of powers were created to address the problem of irresponsible dog ownership. This PDF details these powers. Download

Guidance on drone use (Drones or Small Unmanned Aircraft)

The rules governing the use of drones changed with effect from 31st December 2020 and have been harmonised across the entire EU, including the UK. Drones must be operated in accordance with the latest Drone Code.

The current distinction between commercial and non-commercial use has been abolished. Instead, the rules which apply to the use of a drone are determined by a new system of drone categorisation based on weight and capacity, including whether it is equipped with a camera. Clearly in capturing data, drone users remain subject to data protection laws.

The main changes are set out here. A set of factsheets are available here to explain how flying will be affected.

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