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What is the Campaign for Hunting?

The Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting:

  • Supports all forms of legal hunting with foxhounds, beagles, harriers and other types of hounds for the benefits it brings to individuals, the environment and the rural economy.
  • Promotes high standards of hound and horse welfare as well as hunt conduct, both on and off the hunting field.
  • Liaises with the general public, hunts, politicians, institutional landowners, the police and the media to create a better understanding of how hunting with hounds fits into modern society.
  • Lobbies MPs and other decision-makers to help prevent unjust changes to legislation which may affect the future of hunting with hounds or have an impact on our way of life.
  • Engages with councils and councillors to enable hunts to retain access to council-owned land whilst challenging motions which propose to enforce restrictions.
  • Creates positive news stories which are circulated to local and national press, including broadcast media, whilst responding to hunting-related content and providing spokespersons who can comment and give interviews where appropriate.
  • Helps promote hunting to a wider audience by supporting hunts to engage with the public both face-to-face, and through the use of print and social media, plus other digital channels.
  • Works alongside packs of hounds to ensure they continue to offer a legal wildlife management service and retain the support necessary to sustain the infrastructure of hunting and the jobs that go with it.
  • Continues to oppose the Hunting Act 2004 and exposes it for what it is: bad for the rural economy, bad for rural communities, bad for animal welfare and a waste of police resources.
  • Dispels misconceptions about hunting and combats mistruths spread about legal hunting activities.

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