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Countryside Alliance membership, public liability insurance and hunting

Countryside Alliance membership comes with public liability insurance for all field sports activities, including hunting, up to a limit of indemnity of £10 million. For a small additional sum this insurance extends to non-competitive equine activities, as well as hunt-related equine activities which are covered by basic membership. This insurance was designed specifically with those taking part in hunting in mind. Most hunts quite rightly require public liability insurance for those who hunt with them and many have promoted Alliance membership to their members.

In over 25 years of insurance being provided to the hunting community as part of our membership the liability insurance has met all legitimate claims. The liability cover that comes with Alliance membership provides everything that hunt subscribers need.

Even more important than liability insurance is the work the Alliance does for our members and for hunting. The Alliance remains the most influential campaigning organisation in the countryside with credibility that has been established over decades. Our political lobbying operation, our media relations and our grassroots campaigning function have enabled trail hunting and exempt hunting to continue in their current form. In the past few months alone, we have seen off a very serious parliamentary attack on hunting, while our modern campaigning ability was demonstrated by the mobilisation of over 10,000 individual e-mails which were sent to Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary. We are the only rural campaigning organisation which can deliver this lobbying power.

From the celebrated marches, to the long political battle against the Hunting Act, the establishment of post-ban hunting, our stand against hunt prosecutions and the RSPCA, victories in the courts, and almost 20 years of trail hunting that many never believed would happen, the Alliance has been, and always will be, absolutely committed to the future of hounds, hunts and the hunting community.

We are entering a period of huge political uncertainty and hunting faces perhaps its greatest challenges yet. The governing bodies of hunting have an important task in ensuring that hunting maintains high standards in which they have all our support. It is the Alliance’s role to campaign for hunting in the political and media arena, and the Alliance has consistently demonstrated the expertise, breadth and credibility to defend our way of life.

Alliance membership allows us to continue to fight for hunting, as well as ensuring that members and hunts are properly protected from third party claims.


Image credit: Hattie Austin Photography

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