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Countryside Alliance

Become a member of the Countryside Alliance and be a part of the most influential campaigning organisation in the country. 

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Campaign for Shooting

The Campaign for Shooting influences policy by challenging misinformation and bias, and by promoting shootings environmental, economic and social benefits.

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Campaign for Hunting

The Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting supports all forms of legal hunting with hounds, promoting and protecting it for future generations.

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Fishing for Schools

Fishing for Schools was developed by world renowned fly fisherman Charles Jardine. Since 2007, Fishing for Schools has taken young people out of the classroom and into the countryside, developing confidence and learning new skills.

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Countryside Alliance

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General Election Hub

Our Rural Charter calls on all parties to respect the countryside and prioritise the following:

  • leaf-icon Tackling the blight of rural crime
  • leaf-icon Championing British farmers and producers
  • leaf-icon Recognising the role of wildlife management and the value of trail hunting, shooting and fishing
  • leaf-icon Delivering a connected countryside

Support the Countryside Alliance by giving a one-time or regular gift. Your contribution will support our work in Parliament, in the media, and on the ground.


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