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Fishing for Schools tips for young anglers December 2018 – get the whole family involved!

Fishing for Schools fly-fishing expert Bob Goble finishes 2018 with an aspiration to get more people fishing in the new year – and to catch more trout

Our Fishing 4 Schools team has had an amazing year, with young students learning to fish, many for the first time and enjoying every moment. And next year promises to be even busier.

My mission for 2019 is to help more of you get angling. Grab your mums and dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends – just take someone fishing!

There is no age restriction and being in the great outdoors couldn't be healthier. Wouldn't it be great to not only get the younger generation off their computer games for a while, but also get mum and dad away from the telly and their phones!

Tackle doesn't have to be expensive. You can purchase ready-to-fish kits for youngsters and adults quite reasonably. For the very young, a 3-metre whip is all you need and you need pay no more than £20, including the end tackle.

You can also buy fly fishing sets, but for the very young start with a light outfit, say 4-5 weight and a rod 7-8 feet in length, this will include fly line, reel (already loaded), some flies and sun glasses. You may also purchase a trout net. Kits can be purchased online or, even better, visit your local angling store who will have a wealth of information on what is needed. With Christmas around the corner what could be better?

As the daylight hours are less and the water cold, coarse fishing can be a little slow, but there will be fish to catch.

Trout will be very active and all the usual methods can work but slow down your retrieve. I suggest minkies, cats' whiskers, humungus, cormorants and don't forget the buzzer can still work.

Sea fishing should be at its height with, hopefully, codling but lots of whiting, all falling to worm baits or cocktails of worms, mackerel or squid.

I have mentioned in past issues the need for appropriate waterproof clothing, but don't forget your hat. At this time of year the sun will be very low in the sky and can be blinding and it is very important to wear sunglasses even on dull days.

Have a very merry Christmas and a fishtastic new year with all the new fishing tackle presents that may be coming your way.

Stay safe, be warm but most of all have fun.

Bob G

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