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How to Report a Wildlife Crime

The Countryside Alliance condemns all wildlife crime and asks that all our members and supporters take whatever steps they can to stamp it out.

If you have information relating to poaching, the illegal killing of raptors, or any other wildlife crime, it is important that you report this information directly to the police by dialling 101.

If you want to report a crime, but you do not want to be identified to the police, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Crimestoppers will ask questions about the crime you have information on but will never ask questions about you. If you are at all concerned your call could be traced, reassure yourself by dialling 141 before 0800 555 111, which blocks your phone number. Or use a phone box – it's free. Because Crimestoppers is an 0800 number, calls are free from a landline and don't show up on a BT or cable phone bill.

Alternatively, you can report a crime anonymously with Crimestoppers online.

The police are the only legitimate route through which such crimes should be reported and investigated. We have seen recently in both Scotland and England cases where wildlife crime has gone unpunished because Non-Governmental Organisations are trying to take on the role of the police. Consequently, the Countryside Alliance believes it is vitally important that any information relating to wildlife crime be handled by the police directly.

The Countryside Alliance is a member of the National Wildlife Crime priority groups for raptor persecution and poaching, attends the Wildlife Crime Enforcers Annual Conference and is a member of the Partnership Against Wildlife Crime.

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