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Supporting rural communities


Fly-tipping is one of the more common crimes committed in rural areas, causing serious issues for those who are left to...

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Hare Poaching

Illegal hare coursing, more correctly called poaching, is a huge problem in some parts of the countryside. It is...

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Dog Theft

Dog theft, especially of working dogs, continues to be a huge problem in rural areas. With the increase in popularity...

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Fuel Theft

Help prevent fuel theft with these useful tips A 1,000-litre tank can be drained within minutes and a tank that's not...

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Sheep Worrying

Sheep worrying occurs when a dog is either chasing or worrying a sheep to the point where it is reasonably expected...

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Sheep Rustling

Over the years, sheep rustling has slowly become an organised crime. As one of the more costly crimes in the UK's...

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